It is our philosophy to practice optimum wellness through the preparation and cooking of whole food plants in the simplest, most delicious way that will leave you wanting for nothing.

As a third generation chef and plant-based nutritionist I've seen the transformation that our clients have experienced on a plant-based diet, from lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, reduced inflammation, fat loss to improved heart health, faster muscle recovery and improved immune system, to name a few.

Along with our best-in-class lab partners, we conduct an in depth overview of your health and wellbeing through key blood tests and gut microbiome tests covering the following areas:

Total Baseline Blood Test - Biomarkers include:

• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (including HbA1c)
• Hormone Panel
• Cardiac Panel
• Autoimmune PanelLipid Panel
• Heavy Metal Toxins
• Complete Blood Count
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin B12
• C Reactive Protein
• PSA (Men)

Food Sensitivity Test - We test 96 commonly reactive foods. Positivity to these foods can contribute to inflammation and subpar health and well-being.

Micronutrient Test - We test the levels of 40 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids within your cells. With this data we curate a plant-based wellness nutrition plan to bring your micronutrients to optimum levels.

Gut Microbiome Test - The GI Map test screens for over 50 bacterial pathogens, viruses, worms, parasites, various yeast types, H-pylori and virulence factors.


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